Euroice SS135 Ice Machine

Dimensions: 930 x 565 x 915mm Power: 1150W Productivity: 135kg/24h



The EUROICE SS series is designed for the hospitality industry: bars, restaurants, pubs … including innovative features. The most desirable is the EUROICE SS gourmet ice cube ice cube for either a professional or a consumer. Ideal for use with soft drinks and spirits. EUROICE SS ice cubes melt very slowly, promising customers to enjoy cool drinks for longer. AISI 304 stainless steel exterior with a high-quality finish with an integrated door that improves the cleanliness of the machine. HCFC-free foam injected polyurethane for prominence insulation, EUROICE SS, the machine maintains stability and quality of ice produced for longer than any other machine. All parts in contact with water are designed in to minimize and ensure maximum friction surface tension, significantly reducing the sound level.

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